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Selahattin Yusuf

Turkish author. He was born in 1974, Trabzon. As he graduated from Affan Kitapcioglu High School in 1991, he started Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University where he studied International Relations. 
Starting from 1992, he has written poems, philosophy and literature in Mektebi Mulkiye magazine, which he published for four years with his friends at SBF. 
His real occupation has always been literature and philosophy. 
In the first years in his writing career, he was especially influenced by poets of “2nd New” movement of Turkish poetry. He was mostly influenced by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, Cemil Meric, Oguz Atay and Kemal Tahir among Turkish writers, and from world literature by Goethe, Kafka, Miguel de Unamuno, Albert Camus and Dino Buzzati . William Faulkner impressed the author deeply. 
Selahattin Yusuf, whose only profession is a freelance writer, has worked as a columnist for many periodicals and as a art and culture commentator in many TV programs in order to earn his living. 
He lives in Istanbul.

“The Last Days Of Innocence”

The innocence of revenge is the final gift of betrayal.
But still the remorse of the man remains
Because no gift can cure the wound of the past.
No gift is able to comfort the innocence

(Selahattin Yusuf, from an interview on The Last Dasys of Innocence)

Selahattin Yusuf’s latest novel “The Last Days of Innocence” looks for the feeling of tragedy in the killer, not the victim. Murder in this story sits like an edging of despair. Love is like a dagger with a mother of pearl inlaid stuck into the heart. Relationships justifies the saying “The one who builds relationships lies in ruins.” The solidarity of the two losing people is actually the deepest. And this companionship beautifies all despair.

Pure love lightly flashes in the skies of this story. Only that bitter impression of innocent and pure love is left behind. The struggle cannot open doors; but rather, it makes the walls even more deafening. All poetic gestures mean, knocking on a door that will not open at the end. All that’s left behind is to live for one thing. The poem of the one and only thing to live for. Masum, Handan, Servet, Ahmet. Naz and the others…

They all live for one thing only. And their ideals often become entangled and inextricable. “The Last Days of Innocence” sheds light on the origins of the current cultural-ideological environment in Turkey. It examines the sides of the traditional rivalry between the right and the left as much neutral observation as possible. It also provides an insight for “Gezi” and similar events. It explores the roots of social rebellion in the collective subconscious of Turkish society. It depicts the current dilemmas of relations in a striking manner.

“The Last Days of Innocence” unfolds the tragic death of love that is not already alive.


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